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We offer four classes designed to help you in your contracting career and to build a better construction business. All of our courses meet the requirements for the 4 hours continuing education required by the Louisiana Contractors Licensing Board. Our course curriculums include written material, audience discussion, and visual aids. Contact Metro Continuing Education Services today to enroll in our next class!

Our Educational Contractor Courses

1) Team Building & Organization Development

In a profession, where building a good team is so important, many contractors neglect this area of company management. In this course, you learn how to foster teamwork through leadership, goal setting, role definition, and communication, as well as develop an organization that helps you achieve your personal career goals.

2) How to Work Lead Safe

Approximately 38 million pre-1978 housing units may contain lead based paint. Learn what the government says about working lead safe and how, in many cases, contractors can eliminate the need for lead abatement teams by the way in which they work.

3) Operating a Construction Business

Many contractors are skilled craftsmen but very poor businessmen. Learn how to run a business that is both profitable and enjoyable.

4) Quality & Productivity Improvement

The construction industry has suffered because construction organizations persist in using traditional approaches to management, developed more than a century ago. Learn how to implement quality and productivity improvement practices, improve quality of work, promote worker safety and health, and increase profitability and customer satisfaction.

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